Rovio CEO says pirates help his business

Credit: flickr/mseckington

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed tells music conference: "Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business at the end of the day."

Hed went on to chastise the music industry for their mishandling of piracy enforcement, a stand many agree with. But since Angry Birds is a free game on most devices, pirates aren't distributing their software as much as copying their Angry Birds plush toys. Rovio does lose some money to these counterfeit operators, Hed admits.

The main difference for Hed from the way the music business has confronted piracy? Hed says, "We learned to stop treating the customers as users, and start treating them as fans." In other words, if Rovio increases the fan base of Angry Birds, the company will grow and prosper. If a bit of piracy helps them grow, so be it.

Good attitude

Refreshingly fantastic attitude :)

Jeffrey Crenshaw on

Wise man - he actually gets it.

telegraphreader72 on

Rovio is being rather optimistic about this. I hope this doesn't bite them in the arse later on.

Although why would you pirate Angry Birds of all things? It's only a dollar. :P

scorptatious on

Better approach

Giving money to people who produce something you like will generally encourage them to produce more things you like.

Jeremy Reaban on

I think the majority of media executives get it really, but choose to plead ignorance and use piracy as a scapegoat to explain their declining sales rather than admit for example that they are not producing films or music that people want to buy.

mrwolfie on

So are the unauthorised copies losing them money?'s just not making them any money.

The_root_of_all_evil on


Piracy is THEFT. You are DELIBERATELY enjoying someone else's hardwork and not paying for it.

Baldr on

59p for Angry Birds. People will pay that rather than the hassle of getting the pirated version. £15 for a new blu-ray or download it for nothing is another thing entirely.

seanjenkins on

I bet he would change his mind if he had team of hundreds of people working on a game for several years only to find out that the game has been downloaded from torrents by millions of pirates.

Thomas Majernik on

If piracy was causing his sales to fall then he might have a different view.

Richard Turner on

No doubt Hollywood is developing an Angry Birds movie, and will take a much more dim view of piracy.

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