Fun toilet telephone facts

Marketing firm surveys Americans on mobile phone use in the bathroom

Do you text or otherwise use your mobile phone when you're otherwise engaged on the toilet?

If so, you're hardly alone. According to "IT in the Toilet," a survey by marketing agency 11mark of 1,000 Americans with mobile phones, many of us are, um, multitasking on the ol' bogger.

Three-fourths of Americans with mobile phones report they use their devices in the bathroom, the survey finds. Uses include texting, emailing and surfing. Some people even talk on their phones when in the bathroom. Talk! How quaint.

Other stats:

* About one in four Americans say they don't go into the bathroom without their phone, including 30% of men and 20% of women

* 74% of men and 76% of women report having used their mobile phone in the bathroom

* 63% of respondents say they've answered a phone call, while 41% have initiated a phone

* 67% have read a text, while 38% have surfed the web

* 20% of men say they have participated in work-related calls in the bathroom, versus 13% of women. Conclusion, ladies? Men are disgusting, of course!

Wait, we have brand numbers:

* 87% of Droid users report having used their smartphones in the bathroom, versus 84% of BlackBerry users and 77% of iPhone users

* 75% of BlackBerry users say they've answered a call while using the toilet, versus only 67% of Droid users and 60% of iPhone users

Also, "Droid and iPhone users are more likely to browse a social network or use an

app (in the bathroom) than their BlackBerry colleagues," 11 mark reports. Well, yeah, but that's because they can.

Further, BlackBerry owners were three times more likely than Droid owners and five times more likely than iPhone owners to have an urge to drop their devices in the toilet, thus joining Research in Motion's stock. Ha ha. I made that one up!

Obviously, no survey on mobile or social media use is complete without a demographic breakdown to show how pathetically addicted Gen Y is and how clueless older users are. And 11mark does not let us down.

* 91% of Gen Y respondents use their phone in the bathroom, versus 80% of Gen X users, 65% of Boomers and 47% of the "Silent Generation," with the most frequently sent text message from the latter group being, "Is this thing on?"

* 59% of Gen Y respondents have used apps in the bathroom, versus 43% of Gen Xers and 22% of Boomers

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