Ready to pony up for premium Facebook?

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Analyst says more advertising and "Facebook Premium" are options after the IPO.

Foad Fadaghi, quoted in, says going public and having outside shareholders will certainly change Facebook. Expect more ads, which "may become more content driven or invasive," as one option. Social networking sites haven't been able to get the high rates for ads like premium content sites, so look for Facebook to try.

Since many use Facebook from their smartphones, expect better applications that match the Web interface. Mobile advertising lures many companies that have yet to figure out a way to increase mobile revenue. Since Facebook now will have millions of investors, look for mobile support to improve, if only to better support mobile advertising.

Big mistake

That will mean the end of Facebook should we have to pay.

weebie on

LMMFAO! Really? Pay them to invade your privacy? I think not.

twofacedlibs on

Considering the amount of money they make from mining my data, I think I should get paid to use it.

jwdr1 on

2 things come to mind with these up coming suggestions Jump the Shark & Nuke the Fridge.... So long facebook!

Ex Member on

No. You can waste my time or waste my money, but not both.

John Crane on


HA HA - Google will be rubbing their hands together, Facebook virtually throwing in the towel with terrible business decisions,

Luke on

After seeing Myspace tank as quick as it did I wouldn't want to put my money in another social site.

Apple Tablet on

Let's laugh

I can see the tumbleweeds coming to a facebook page near me.

Jason on

Zuckerberg knows exactly how dumb his user base is. If they had any sense, they would have deleted their accounts after the first privacy fiasco.

jwdr1 on

Having privacy as a premium feature would be hilarious! I would love to see them selling that!

brian m on

The Facebook login page says, "It's free and always will be." But does that apply to Facebook Premium, an upgraded version?

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