The AT&T InfoQuest Tour from 1986 is 6 minutes of Awesome

Archive footage shows interactive experiences, Harry Anderson and Ed Koch!

The AT&T Tech Channel on YouTube continues to provide us with outstanding archival footage of not only technologies from the '80s, but fashion and other fun stuff as well. In this video, we take a tour of the AT&T InfoQuest Center, located on eight levels of the AT&T Madison Avenue headquarters from 1986 to 1994. Watch the awesomeness unfold...

Is the best part of this video the cameo from Harry Anderson, star of "Night Court", as a wacky cab driver? Nope. How about an appearance by New York's then-mayor Ed Koch? Nope. It's the "make your own music video" kiosk, complete with '80s fashion and a guy singing about a database. Wow.

The company says that Sony took over the space and used it for a time as its own museum, but they probably didn't keep the robot or interactive taxi.

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