Are you afflicted by 'tech envy'?

Survey shows that 30% of office workers 'very envious' of colleagues' devices

As most readers are aware, enterprises have entered a new "Bring Your Own Device" era thanks to the widespread popularity of Apple's iPhone and iPad as well as mobile devices powered by Google's Android mobile OS.

This has created new challenges for IT managers who long have favored restricting access to their networks to "approved" devices such as BlackBerries and, um, BlackBerries.

But as recent survey shows, the BYOD ethos has spawned another workplace complication: "tech envy."

According to the latest Captivate Office Pulse survey from digital media company Captivate Network, 30% of North American white-collar workers are “very envious” of the devices their colleagues bring into the office.

“With the prevalence of personal technology around the office, and the high frequency that it’s shared – 40 percent reported regularly see co-workers using tech devices – it’s not surprising that tech envy occurs,” Scott Marden, research director at Captivate Network, said in a press release accompanying the report. “Overall, we found that professionals want what they don’t have – whether it’s an upgrade to an existing device or the next new technology.”

The device that arouses the most envy is the tablet, with 39% of respondents confessing to being "very envious" of work colleagues prancing around the office with their iPads, TouchPads and PlayBooks. OK, with their iPads.

This was closely followed by e-readers, which scored a 36% on the envy-ometer. There was big drop from there to smartphones, which were envied by 24% of respondents. This makes sense since more people own smartphones than tablets or e-readers.

And who are most device-envious people in the workplace? Working moms over age 30 with annual incomes less than $125,000. Sixty percent of those moms confess to tech envy.

Working moms, listen up. Envy, like hate, is corrosive. Indeed, it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, along with wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust and paying full price for clothing. You're better than that.

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