World of Glass: The future will have lots of fingerprint smudges

Corning video shows how its glass will power the world of tomorrow, today!

A few years ago, Corning made a video called "A Day Made of Glass" that showed a futuristic world made possible through products enhanced with glass (basically, all of the cool stuff they were working on as a glass company). The company now has a longer version ("A Day Made of Glass 2"), with a very cool narrator who explains a bunch of the products and when we'll soon be using this stuff. It's a bit long at 11 minutes, but worth it if you want to see a lot of the things we'll be using.

Like the movies we've already seen ("Minority Report", "Iron Man 2", even the recent "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"), the future involves a lot of data in heads-up displays and gesture control. One thing I know for sure if this comes to pass - invest in those companies that make microfiber cleaning rags - if the future comes with a lot of glass touch-screens, we're going to need a lot of fingerprint smudge removers.

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