Morning countdown: Start button, we hardly knew ye

Plus: Is your 'unlimited' AT&T plan really unlimited?

  1. Brian Proffitt: Canonical cuts funding for Kubuntu [ITworld]
  2. Anonymous announces release of Symantec pcAnywhere code [ITworld]
  3. Preparing your IT department for a flood of iOS devices [ITworld]
  4. Adobe hopes new sandboxed Flash for Firefox will boost security [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Fogarty: Pentagon has permission to wage cyberwar, but not the capability [ITworld]
  6. Chris Nerney: Apple scoops up three quarters of all mobile phone profits [ITworld]
  7. Java still barely beating C [ITworld]
  8. 'Unlimited' AT&T mobile users getting throttled after using 2 GB of data [ITworld]
  9. Windows 8 to lose the Start button? [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: Samsung to introduce new easy-to-lose phone stylus [ITworld]
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