GoDaddy didn't crash (and other lessons on predicting doom)

Some things did crash during the Super Bowl, just not the ones they said would

Here's an update on an item we posted last week - Web optimization site Yottaa predicted that a bunch of Super Bowl advertisers' sites would crash during the big game, based on several theories, including social media widget usage, bloated images, improper use of content delivery networks, etc.

So, guess which sites that were predicted actually crashed? Yep, NONE OF THEM!

In a blog post discussing Super ad site performance, Yottaa said that,, and "all fared really well during the Super Bowl."


Just like the guy who keeps predicting the end of the world (or the Mayans), sometimes you have to eat some crow after the prediction comes out to be incorrect. Like predicting that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl.

To help save face, Yottaa did talk about "three losers" on Sunday, in terms of site performance. The Coke Polar Bowl site was offline for some time during the game, and the Facebook page for the Coke Polar app did have some issues. The "Act of Valor" site showed good performance before and after the game, but during the game, the site was 5x slower, and Yottaa said it detected at least six outages of five minutes. Finally, Acura's Web site didn't crash, but a "call to action" link on the site did - "with an ad spend of $3.5 million plus production costs for 30 seconds of a commercial, leaving visitors with a bad experience is not the way to launch a new car," Yottaa writes on its blog.

The company said traffic to Super Bowl ad sites slowed by about 6% overall, with 81 failed page loads experienced (and the Yottaa 'bots that were used would wait up to 2 minutes for a site to load, very patient compared with a human being).

The winner of its "BurstBowl" - for fastest site time load during the game was Kia, with a 0.42 second load time. Because this is a video blog, here's their ad one more time (not because I'm particularly fond of Motley Crue or Adriana Lima - or am I?)

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