Time travel back to 1982 to see EPCOT's opening

AT&T archive film showcases Spaceship Earth exhibit, '80s fashion

One of my new favorite YouTube Channels is the AT&T Archives (ATTTechChannel), which posts new "old" videos three times a week. Today's video is a news report the company did showcasing the opening of EPCOT Center at Disney World, focusing on the Bell Systems-sponsored Showcase Earth (in 1982, the Bell system hadn't yet been broken up). Check out the video to see a bunch of older EPCOT exhibits that no longer exist, as well as the fun '80s fashions and other "primitive" technology showcased at the time.

Amazingly, a lot of the beginning parts of the Spaceship Earth ride still exist (I visited last May), but the ending has been updated with exhibits featuring the latest technology and communications improvements (including a cool interactive thing at the end when you ride down the globe backward).

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