Super Bowl commercials: Our Take

Catch up on Super Bowl ads in case you missed them

My 4-year-old son summed up the Super Bowl ads quite nicely yesterday when he said, "These commercials are all weird."

Yep, it's another Monday-after-the-Super-Bowl, and countless media sites have nothing better to do than to do their annual "What was the best Super Bowl ad?" article. So yeah, we're doing one too.

But if you've been following the blog here, you probably already saw a majority of the ads, because most of the advertisers either pre-released their ads or released "teaser" ads that showed most of the good stuff in advance. There was very little surprising during the game.

I've also already received lists from various groups, proclaiming their take on the "funniest," "cutest", "most nostalgic", etc. For example, here's the pitch from Hulu, which not only ran its own ad, but also ran its own voting with its "Hulu AdZone":

Overall Most Liked Ads1. Volkswagen: The Bark Side Teaser2. Honda: Matthew's Day Off - Extended3. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back4. Skechers: GOrun Mr. Quiggly5. Dannon Oikos: The Tease6. Chevrolet: 20127. M&M's: It's That Kind of Party8. Audi: Vampire Party9. E*Trade: Fatherhood10. Acura: Transactions - Extended

Funniest Ads

1. Acura: Transactions2. Hulu Plus: Hulubratory3. Chevrolet: Happy Grad4. Honda: Matthew's Day Off5. Chevrolet: 2012 Best Celebrity Cameo1. Will Arnett – Hulu Plus: Huluboratory Extra Mushy Edition

2. Matthew Broderick – Honda: Matthew’s Day Off Extended

3. Jerry Seinfeld – Acura: Transactions

4. Adriana Lima – Kia: Optima5. David Beckham – H&M: David Beckham Bodywear Cutest Critters1. Bud Light: Rescue Dog

2. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

3. Doritos: Man's Best Friend

4. Volkswagen: The Bark Side Teaser

5. Business Trip Cutest Kids1. Toyota: It's Reinvented

2. E*Trade: Fatherhood

3. Doritos: Sling Baby4. TaxACT: Free to Pee Best Soundtracks1. Chevrolet: Anthem

2. M&M's: It's That Kind of Party

3. Bud Light: LMFAO Half-Time

4. H&M: David Beckham Bodywear

5. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism Nostalgic Ads1. NFL: Timeline

2. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism

3. MetLife: Everyone4. Toyota: Connections

5. Honda: Matthew's Day Off

From the techie standpoint, I loved the ad from Best Buy – not because it was flashy or anything, but it had a bunch of people who helped contribute to our love of the smartphone, such as Ray Kurzweil and the guys who developed Words with Friends. That’s an ad we can get behind:

I’d discuss this more, but you’re probably already sick of Super Bowl ad mania by now, and plus the Giants won, so this Patriots fan is a bit depressed today. Maybe these cartoon characters will cheer me up:

On second thought, maybe not. This commercial depressed me too, because it shows that money still gets all the hot women (Richie Rich driving in a limo with Daphne from Scooby Doo). And Snagglepuss wasn’t even given any lines! (see this “behind-the-scenes” clip)

OK, now I feel better. Exit, Stage Left!

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