Spotlight on open source

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If you're not paying attention to open source, you're just not paying attention. Open source is everywhere -- operating systems, browsers, mobile, and more. This collection of resources will get you up to speed in a hurry.


Building your career in open source

You may be hesitant to apply for a new job based on your "volunteer" open source skills. Don't be.

What to include in your open source resume

Here's how to explain your FOSS experience during your next job hunt.

Making money in open source: Drupal future looks bright

Demand for Drupal is growing, and demand for developers is greater than supply.

Mentoring in open source communities: What works? What doesn't?

Find out what it takes for mentoring to work in your free and open source software project.

Convincing the boss to accept FOSS

Wish your company would adopt an open source app? These 7 tips might help you sell it to management.


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How to get Windows and Linux to cooperate on the network

It's always been possible for Windows and Linux to cooperate. Now it's easier than ever.

How to sponsor an open source sprint

An open source project may organize a sprint on its own, but it's also possible for your company to sponsor such an event. Doing so is easier, faster, and less expensive than an IT manager may imagine.


Mint is fun, client-focused Linux distro

The fun part of Mint is the fact that it has great appeal for client device support, especially for multimedia apps and components. It's constantly updated, which is seen by some as a fulfilled vision of Linux as an online-community supported OS. That same seemingly constant updating is also the potential source for destabilizing. This is a distro for buffs, experimenters and hackers -- much like openSUSE.

Alfresco: An open-source ECM alternative for SharePoint
Companies that can't meet Microsoft's price for its SharePoint content management package might want to try Alfresco.

Five best Linux graphics applications
Looking for a graphics application for Linux? Look no further. Here are 5 great graphics programs for your Linux desktop.

Joomla vs. Drupal: An open source CMS shootout
Choosing a Web content management system often comes down to one question: Joomla or Drupal?


SUSE Linux top exec: Interoperability is key
Suse president and GM Nils Brauckmann talks about strategic partnerships, building clouds, and whether the economic downturn presents an opportunity for open source.

Drupal's Dries Buytaert on Building the Next Drupal
ITworld spoke with Drupal's creator about new features in the popular content management system and the tradeoffs of innovation.


Ubuntu Linux for beginners: Tips for getting started

The 10-Minute Ubuntu Setup

How To: The Linux /etc/inittab file

Desktop Linux: When and how to add proprietary software to your desktop Linux

9 useful Android keyboard shortcuts


10 best (unknown) open source projects
That's right folks, another ten best! But this time we'll wager you're not familiar with any of them.

The 10 best open source apps you never heard of
There are thousands of excellent open source programs to choose from. Here are 10 that rarely get the breathless buzz they deserve.

Insisting on FOSS Doesn't Mean Annoying Others
One rule of successful tech evangelism: don't shove it in others' faces.

Why users dumped your open source app for proprietary software
Hard as it may be to imagine, "free" is not always the primary selling point.

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