Recording industry blasts anti-piracy OPEN Act

Credit: flickr/DonkeyHotey

How to get the recording industry (RIAA) to oppose an anti-piracy bill? Demand due process before enforcement.

OPEN, the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act sponsored by Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Ron Wyden, relies on the International Trade Commission (ITC) for enforcement. This makes sense, because the ITC has become the go-to venue for international patent disputes. Being international, the ITC has the reach to close infringing websites in foreign countries, something the SOPA and PIPA bills lacked.

Yet the RIAA says the ITC won't effectively police copyright infringing sites, and, worse, won't punish users of those sites. Also, the RIAA says the rules of OPEN make it "virtually impossible" to prove a site infringed willingly. The RIAA sent documents to every member of Congress, but they conveniently forgot to mention SOPA and PIPA, the two bills they pushed that brought the ire of the Internet down on members of Congress.


But, but, due process is so Hard!

fuzzyfuzzyfungus on

"All the while, the alleged rogue site would be able to continue operating." I do like me some innocent until proven guilty.

abadidea on

The DOJ just shut down a site that was accused of pirating copy righted materials...megaupload. AND they arrested all those involved...So my question is...why do we need ANY legislation to deal with pirating?


Politics as usual?

AWWWW... Did the RIAA not pay off the ITC yet?

masterbinky on

"It is not supported by those it purports to protect." - RIAA Wait, so you mean no giant conglomerates wrote the bill themselves and spent millions buying congress people to 'sponsor' and vote for it?

jasvll on

Attention Congress! We DEMAND that you OUTLAW automobiles. BIAA (Buggywhip Industries and Associations of America)

tvalleau on

Looking deeper

But it amuses me that the RIAA waves around "small business" when they're stumping for major corporations that they represent.

microlith on

They didn't seem to worried about the affects that their preferred legislation would have on small business.

BoberFett on

Say, did the RIAA ever make any progress as far as artists' rights went? You know, like musicians actually being able to OWN their own music and pass it on to their heirs? Or did that kind of thing get forgotten while they were busy suing people for trading music and movies?

gordon_wagner on

Who should have the right to shut down infringing websites? Courts, recording industry, or the artists being pirated?

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