Original Star Tours Disneyland ride recreated in 3D

Man makes amazing CGI tribute to the original Star Wars adventure

The re-release of Star Wars: Episode I is not the only thing going 3D this week in the Star Wars universe. On YouTube, user Gregory Noacco (username gnoacco) has posted his home-made, 3D, computer-generated version of the original 1987 Disneyland Star Tours ride, complete with the opening welcoming video, the walk into the seats, and the complete adventure and ending. The version is also available in 2D if you don't have any 3D viewing capabilities.

Quite simply, this is amazing.

The Star Tours rides at Disneyland and at Disney's Hollywood Studio park in Florida were shut down in 2010 and re-opened as a new experience last May, also offering a 3D experience. I'd comment on that ride, but unfortunately I didn't experience it, as an over-zealous Disney employee prevented my son and I from getting on the ride due to some insane height restriction rule (he wasn't wearing his high-heeled platform shoes that day).

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