Google Maps help you find love at the Mall (of America)

Video showcases indoor maps function of Google at the giant Minnesota mall

I've never been to the Mall of America, but I hear it's pretty big. So big that you might need GPS on your phone in order to find anything, instead of going up to the giant kiosk and looking for the "You Are Here" sticker and remembering that you're in standing in front of the Orange Julius.

Anyway, with Valentine's Day tomorrow and a new feature to plug, Google has this cute little video showing a woman walking into the Mall of America, getting a text message from her beau (either boyfriend or husband), sending her on a scavenger hunt throughout the mall. Luckily, she has a mobile phone that a) not only gets a GPS signal indoors, but b) has a mobile carrier other than AT&T that can get a mobile phone signal (oh, did I say that out loud?).

Let's ignore the fact that the clues are placed well within the reach of other people who could just walk by and read them / take them, and the fact that the guy had to pay a scuba diver some money to sit there and wait for his girlfriend/wife to show up - this is a totally realistic and cool way to impress your loved one. Get me a Google phone, stat!

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