Eolas patents quickly ruled invalid by jury

Credit: flickr/dherrera_96

Patent troll Eolas stumbles in first case as Texas jury rules patent invalid.

The stakes couldn't get much higher, as Eolas' patent claims, if accepted, would have given them royalties on just about every Web interaction. This was the first time Tim Berners-Lee ever testified in court on a Web patent, and he flew to Tyler, Texas, to do so.

Appeals are possible, but this ruling stops Eolas from legally targeting any other company they feel might infringe their patent. Some reports call this the end of Eolas. Other reports want to know why a jury in East Texas invalidated so quickly a patent that had been reviewed multiple times by the US Patent and Trade Office, and upheld.

Slap the troll

Good. One less patent troll trying to ransom innovation for their own personal greed.

Kris Craig on wired.com

IMHO, the only good patent troll is a dead patent troll.

coderunner on arstechnica.com

With a loss in court all litigation costs should be shouldered by Eolas. And all future patent troll cases should be handled the same way.

Terry on wired.com

Slap the current patent system

And yet we are still slaves to a system built of a fundamentally STUPID premise.

openfly on wired.com

Wouldn't it be awesome if such patents weren't granted in the first place? Rotten system is rotten

farnsworth_pro on arstechnica.com

You know a patent claim has no merit when even an East Texas court won't accept it.

JoshTriplett on news.ycombinator.com

Things look better today

Tim Berners-Lee showed up, your patent is invalid!

r3loaded on arstechnica.com

After all the horrible, terrible decisions in copyright recently, this is an amazing success. And in Texas, no less! Maybe common sense has a chance, after all.

TMWaH on wired.com

Can the companies that settled ask for their money back?

ars on news.ycombinator.com

Rare, but welcome, to see such swift justice.

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