Morning countdown: Anonymous proves itself master of the DDoS

Plus: Who wants to buy LinkedIn?

  1. Chris Nerney: Is LinkedIn takeover bait? [ITworld]
  2. Large stretches of Western U.S. bereft of mobile broadband [ITworld]
  3. Windows on ARM: What we know [ITworld]
  4. Black Google drop-down menu already on the way out [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Purdy: Chrome for Android is another nail in mobile Flash's coffin [ITworld]
  6. Peter Smith: Playstation Vita runs into gamers' Sony-hate [ITworld]
  7. Even Cisco can't resist the bring-your-own-device wave [ITworld]
  8. Eolas fails in attempt to claim patent rights to the entire Internet [ITworld]
  9. NTT DoCoMo to launch lab to fight Android fragmentation [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Anonymous defeats the CIA, or at least the CIA's website [ITworld]
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