Morning countdown: Richard Stallman fears the 'JavaScript trap'

Plus: Who tracks the trackers?

  1. Chris Nerney: Yahoo talks with Alibaba collapse; shares plummet [ITworld]
  2. NewNet bets on WiMax business abandoned by Motorola [ITworld]
  3. HP's first ARM servers available soon [ITworld]
  4. 5 percent of techies would trade their spouse for a telecommute [ITworld]
  5. Dan Tynan: Who's tracking the Web trackers? [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: Richard Stallman wants an easy way to identify non-free JavaScript [ITworld]
  7. Cisco predicts mobile data use will increase 18-fold by 2016 [ITworld]
  8. FBI's social media monitoring won't violate your rights, says FBI [ITworld]
  9. BitTorrent creator aims to kill TV as we know it [ITworld]
  10. Peter Smith: Is Sony's Vita OS the basis of a future smartphone? [ITworld]
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