Dutch propose expanding Fair Use copyright laws


The Netherlands has proposed changing copyright laws so remixes and mashups are protected.

The Fair Use arguments continue, and the Dutch are leading the way by explicitly stating audio and video remixes and mashups using copyrighted materials are legal for humor, satire, and political commentary. This is not for pirates, but to better align Dutch law with the Fair Use copyright exemptions in the U.S.

While the European Union will likely protest the change, if Dutch legislators pass this proposed law, other European countries may have to fall in line. Google, the owner of YouTube, supports this legislation. Fred von Lohman, chief copyright counsel for Google, said, "There's more music, more video, more writing going on today than ever before." And the ability to mashup that content to make a point may soon be legal in the Netherlands.

Go Dutch Go

This is amazing. All the best to the Netherlands. Lead the way and others emulate.

Anonymous on mw.nl

Copyright laws are way overdue for an overhaul.

Foosfan on gizmodo.com

In other words, absent Fair Use, the ideas expressed could not even be discussed. THERE'S a chilling effect!

ka5s on technologyreview.com

Fair use is a concept that protects free speech.

shomas on technologyreview.com

Issues remain

It may be too early to celebrate. I understand the Dutch government is still in favor of ACTA

Robert Chesal on mw.nl

I understand both sides in this issue. Straightening the whole thing out is going to be very difficult. I can't envisage a compromise that will placate everyone.

NorthernRoamer on gizmodo.com

Isn't it time to free US copyright law from the onerous position of protecting the Disney Company at all costs? Patents last for 17 years, why should Mickey Mouse deserve more?

R Sweeney on technologyreview.com

Could be fun

You ever watch any of those funny Hitler videos where he is in the bunker and they have changed the subtitles to something else (like Blu-Ray, banned from xBox live, iPad not dual core, the new Star Trek, etc)? I would consider those all 'fair use' but they have all been taken down due to DMCA violations...

Broo2 on gizmodo.com

Personally I think remixes should be banned due to excess lameness.

Spicoli on technologyreview.com

Likely result: more Hitler in the bunker clips with new dialogue.

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