22 James Bond film openings, all at once

Interesting mash-up/super-cut project shows 1 minute opening of all 22 Bond films

I'm a fan of mash-ups and Internet super-cuts, so I thought I'd share this one, which took the first minute of all 22 of the James Bond movies and put them on the screen at the same time.

It's a bit noisy (you'll want to turn the sound down), but it shows a lot about the filmmaking process throughout the years - earlier movies (near the top and left) in the series took their time with the "James Bond walks out and shoots the viewer" graphic, while films in the later series got rid of it faster or eliminated it altogether.

The description on the YouTube channel says that this is part of a project that will show all of the movies at once, this 1-minute version was just "designed to give a feeling for the entire experience." It should be interesting to see if this user posts the entire project online as well - I'd imagine it will be noisier.

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