If you want to hate your job, IT may be the field for you!

Employee reviews show several IT positions among the least fulfilling

I missed this survey when it came out in late September, but it's never too late to warn people: If you work in IT, there's a good chance you'll really hate your job.

(Actually, it is too late to warn the average ITworld reader, who probably already earns a paycheck in information technology. Still, I can try.)

An online career community called CareerBliss conducted an analysis of "hundreds of thousands of employee-generated reviews from 2011" and came up with a list of "Top 10 Most Hated Jobs."

To be considered for the "most hated" list, each type of job required a minimum of 20 reviews, according to CareerBliss.

Here are the jobs in reverse order. Some of them will seem quite familiar to many of you (watch for the bolded items):

10. Marketing Manager

9. CNC Machinist

8. Technical Support Analyst

Solving computer problems is hard enough. Toss in freaked-out, demanding employees who think their sticking "E" key should be a higher priority to you than the server crash that just took down the network, and tech support's place on the list is understandable. Because every call is an emergency!

7. Law clerk

6. Electronics technician

5. Technical specialist

CareerBliss describes technical specialists as leading "the analysis, definition, design, construction, testing, installation, and modification of medium to large infrastructures." Sounds pretty important, right?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, according to survey respondents, tech specialists suffer from an overall lack of respect from the executive branch of the enterprise. Comments from respondents in these jobs indicate a "lack of communication from upper management” and that tech specialists felt their "input was not taken seriously."

4. Senior web developer

Respondents in this category complained about poor communication from executives, who also apparently know very little about technology. Just like a suit.

3. Product manager

2. Director of sales and marketing

And here's the No. 1 most-hated job, according to CareerBliss...

Director of information technology

You spend years working your way up through the IT ranks, only to find that the top job involves, as one respondent put it, "nepotism, cronyism, disrespect for workers." Some payoff.

So that's four IT-related jobs on the list of 10 most hated. Are things really that bad out there for IT pros? Feel free to weigh in with your experiences and observations in the comments section.

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