Last HP TouchPad firesale on eBay starting Sunday

HP's famous TouchPad that flopped miserably at up to $600 but blazed brightly at $99 is back once again as HP dumps "refurbished models" on eBay for $99 and $149.

TechCrunch may have been the first to break the news, including the fact that HP planned to tell employees the sale started on Sunday evening at 6:00 P.M. Central time, holding the public announcement until Monday. Oops. How did HP management think that news would stay secret?

Pulling the TouchPad after 10 weeks on sale gave HP's reputation a big black eye. When the TouchPad proved wildly popular at $99, HP promised to make more. This is the "bigger truck" approach to marketing, where companies losing money on products feel a bigger truck is needed to take more products to market. The TouchPad then became a bonus when purchasing an HP computer, which makes sense. But now, according to all signs, this is the TouchPad's final curtain call. Get your bidding fingers in shape for Sunday.

TouchPad Love

Ooh, I love mine. Maybe I should grab a couple more...

Bryan Pizzuti on

The touch pad is a far superior machine than the kindle or nook ones.

Ezequiel Gonzalez Rodriquez on

Gotta grease my eBay sniper! Let's go!

amoghthegamer on

I have one from the Firesale - will try for 2 more. I can't tell you how many people have asked to buy mine. :)

Chad W Smith on

lol this is going to sell out in minutes.

tjhook on

Don't fall for it

Those tablets are junk. Web OS 3.0 is still buggy, a few hundred crap apps, lack of a real movie and music store, etc.

Sean H. Patterson on

Refurbished means that they were returned. Most people prefer buying the Kindle Fire or Nook Color eReader because of price and the ecosystems.

Fred Lugo on

lol at Meg Whitman, now HP CEO, using her former company to blow out the last few remaining Touchpads.

tjhook on

TouchPad laments

I missed it last time. One more shot.

Michael Wallach on

I for one am pleased with my touchpad. I cant find apps for it though. At least not what was available after the release.

Jose Peralta on

I really like the TouchPad/WebOS I hope they do end up selling it the right company or make it open source.

jbloggs on

Pricing is firm at $99 for the 16GB version, and $149 for the 32GB model. Returns only for defective units (as in broken, not unsupported or lacking apps defective).

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