Apple announces top apps of 2011 for iPhone, iPad

Some bird game was pretty popular, apparently

It may not spark the kind of silly debates that arise every year when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its new inductees, but Apple's annual list of top-selling products from iTunes and the App Store should spark a lot of interest (and probably a bunch of downloads).

The Angry Birds game dominated the lists of free and paid apps for the iPhone and iPad, grabbing the top slot in three of the four categories. Variants of the original Angry Birds also cracked all four top 10 lists.

Apple also chose its own favorites, selecting the Instagram free photo-sharing app as the top iPhone app for 2011 and the Snapseed photo and video editor ($4.99) as the top iPad app.

The runners-up iPhone apps chosen by Apple are VidRhythm ($1.99), which allows users to create music video mashups, and the free Band of the Day, which should be self-explanatory.

iPad app runners-up are djay ($19.99), which promises to turn anybody into a hot, happenin' DJ, and Jamie's Recipes, a free app featuring the culinary stylings of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

But those are Apple's selections. Below are the apps most popular among iTunes and App Store users in 2011:

Top Paid iPhone Apps

1. Angry Birds

2. Fruit Ninja

3. Angry Birds Seasons

4. Cut the Rope

5. Tiny Wings

6. Angry Birds Rio

7. Words With Friends

8. Camera+

9. Doodle Jump

10. Plants vs. Zombies

Top Free iPhone Apps

1. Facebook

2. Pandora Radio

3. Words with Friends Free

4. Angry Birds Free

5. Skype

6. Netflix

7. Angry Birds Rio Free

8. Groupon

9. Fruit Ninja Lite

10. Twitter

That "Facebook" app sounds intriguing. I wonder what it's all about?

Top Paid iPad Apps

1. Angry Birds HD

2. Pages

3. Angry Birds Seasons

4. GarageBand

5. Angry Birds Rio HD

6. Penultimate

7. Fruit Ninja HD

8. Cut the Rope HD

9. SCRABBLE for iPad

10. Keynote

Top Free iPad Apps

1. Angry Birds HD Free

2. The Weather Channel for iPad

3. Netflix

4. CNN App for iPad

5. Angry Birds Rio HD Free

6. Kindle

7. Skype for iPad

8. Calculator for iPad Free

9. Pandora Radio

10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free

You can find the award-winners and lists on iTunes.

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