Another 'Earth' discovered, but don't make travel plans just yet

At 600 light years away, Kepler-22b makes for a really long road trip

The folks over at ITN News have posted a news report on Kepler-22b, a new "Earth-like" planet discovered by NASA scientists. Please note: The planet in the image is a drawing/animation, not real video of the actual planet:

The planet is about 600 light years away, and is about twice the size of Earth, which means there'd be a whole lot of room for more Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks franchises. Scientists are not sure yet if there's solid ground on the planet, or if it's just a big ball of gas/water like Neptune.

Also, when I heard about "Earth 2", I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't an alternate universe where there were exact duplicates of everyone (on Earth 2, this blog would likely be more popular).

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