Newt Gingrich does not approve of this website

Anti-Gingrich website redirects visitors to a stroll down Newt's colorful history

Last week Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich wanted to arrest judges.

This week it's probably smart-alecky Internet pranksters who neither know nor appreciate an historical, transformative figure when they see one, and who engage in juvenile acts of online fraudulence and slander by owning the domain and then redirecting visitors to sites that Freddie Mac's historian emeritus would prefer voters not see.

For example, type in in your url field (or click on the link) and you just may end up at:

Travel Guide to Greece (alluding to exotic vacation Newt and his wife took early in the campaign)

Freddie Mac (noted $1.6 million historian)

Gingrich presidential campaign implodes -- Washington Post, June 9, 2011

Gingrich's Campaign Still Looks an Awful Lot Like a Book Tour -- The Atlantic, December 9, 2011

Tiffany & Co. -- Famous jewelry company's website.

A YouTube video of Newt and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi sitting on a loveseat in an ad requesting urgent action to combat climate change.

Some of the links above are designed to subtly imply that Gingrich is a greedy, big-spending grifter. The others are designed to impugn his character to the GOP base.

This type of willful disrespect for authority figures stems from the self-indulgent excesses of the '60s, which themselves were the logical outcome of the ruinous social policies enacted by Roosevelt's New Deal, Newt might say.

No word yet on who is behind the site, but whoever it is, Newt challenges that person to a series of 26-hour "Lincoln-Douglas style debates," as well as a 12-day, 14-city book-signing tour through the midwest on a luxury bus.

(H/T to TalkingPointsMemo)

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