Big data strains small-business bandwidth

Just as enterprise tech has always trickled down to smaller businesses, so too are the benefits and challenges of big data

Sooner or later, small businesses encounter many of the same challenges big businesses face -- and it's happening now, big time, with rampant data growth. You'd think the burden of the data explosion would fall primarily on storage infrastructure. In fact, for many small businesses, WAN bandwidth is proving to be the biggest bottleneck.

Storage vendors seem to be doing a great job staying on top of the demand for ever larger data densities and software to allow you to make more efficient use of it (think dedupe and intelligent thin provisioning). But for the most part, you can't say the same about the telcos and ISPs providing the wide area networks we're using to acquire and share that data. This is particularly a problem in rural areas, where many small high-tech companies have decided to locate themselves for cost and lifestyle reasons.

A case in point

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This story, "Big data strains small-business bandwidth" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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