TV Tonight: Could you survive off the grid?

Show offers $1 million if contestants can escape L.A.

If you were dumped into the middle of a city with nothing but a cell phone and credit-card, could you escape the city without being caught by expert trackers? That's the premise of "Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt", which debuts tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern on The History Channel.

From the show's website:

"America has 30 million cameras recording four billion hours of footage each week. Everyone is being watched. Now witness host and master tracker Kevin Reeve give two everyday Americans the chance to escape this surveillance and win $1 million. Contestants race to complete simple tasks and eveade Keivn and his highly trained team of trackers hunting them down with cutting-edge technology for the largest price in cable television history."

Here's a trailer for the show:

I haven't seen the show, but if I was handed a credit-card and a cell phone, the first thing I'd do would be to get rid of those, since it's really, really easy to be tracked using those items. Should be interesting to watch all of the different ways that trackers can find people in a major city.

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