Light saber defeats Tasers, but not cops

Don't laugh; that's how Luke and his dad lost their hands

A Hillsboro, Ore. man was arrested late Wednesday in Portland, Ore. for allegedly attacking passersby and police with a light saber.

Portland police were called just before 10 p.m. to investigate a disturbance in a Toys R Us store in the Portland suburb of Jantzen Beach reported finding 33-year-old David. A. Canterbury in the parking lot outside the store, talking incoherently and waving a light saber in each hand.

Though the light sabers appeared to be toys, the suspect displayed his Jedi influence over the physical world when police tried to subdue him with Tasers.

The first attempt failed when the Taser refused to fire.

The second attempt failed after Canterbury used a light saber to snap one of its wires.

Police eventually tackled and subdued the man, successfully avoiding having any important body parts sliced off (graphically but without gore) by either of the man's light sabers.

Police officers, who spoke only Earth languages, reported the man shouted nonsense throughout the confrontation.

The incident began inside the Toys R Us, where Canterbury struck at least three customers with the light sabers before walking out into the parking lot. None of the customers was injured.

Canterbury was charged with three counts of assuld, disorderly conduct, theft, resisting arrest and using the force to interfere with the mojo of a police officer.

Police booked Canterbury into the local jail but admitted him to a hospital for psychological evaluation before his court data Jan. 11.

The police report contained no information on who may or may not have been his father.

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