Morning countdown: The Kindle Fire on its own terms

Plus: Windows Phone is your answer to Android malware

  1. Windows Phone head gets the sack [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: Buzzphrase-heavy social networking startup reaps IPO riches [ITworld]
  3. Siemens execs charged with making $100 million bribe [ITworld]
  4. Kevin Fogarty: Carrier IQ denies everything [ITworld]
  5. Hit by Android malware? Get a free Windows Phone! [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: Is Canonical plotting its mobile moves? [ITworld]
  7. iPhone fake ID app will no longer aid underage drinkers and/or terrorists [ITworld]
  8. Dan Tynan: Carrier IQ, a cop's best friend [ITworld]
  9. Microsoft will fix your computer for $99 an hour [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: How Kindle Fire reviewers missed the tree for the forest [ITworld]
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