Glassdoor announces '50 Best Places to Work' for 2012

Jobs and career community site reveals fourth annual awards list based on employee reviews

Jobs and career community site Glassdoor, the favorite online destination of Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, has announced its fourth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, "a list of the 50 Best Places to Work for 2012."

A number of technology companies grace the list, which was compiled based on anonymous reviews of employers by the people who actually work (or worked) for them. Or at least people who claimed they do (or did).

You can view the entire list here, which is headed by Boston-based global management consultancy Bain & Company, with another consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, grabbing the runner-up slot.

Well, of course they're great places to work. They're consultancies! Nobody there really has to work!

I'm kidding, I'm not kidding.

Bain and McKinsey vaulted past last year's Glassdoor awards winner, Facebook, which tumbled to No. 3, reportedly because CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently mandated that all employees are required to kill their own lunch. Which admittedly isn't for everybody. (Vegetarians were given the option of harvesting crops with violent intent.)

Bonus Comment From a Facebook Employee That Will Make You Want to Throw Up: "Smartest and most passionate people I have ever worked with. Company means so much to so many – humbled to be an employee here."

The biggest tech gainer was Google, which rocketed up to the No. 5 position from last year's No. 30 slot. Co-founder and CEO Larry Page earned a 92% approval rating from employees of the search giant.

Apple also made a big move on the Glassdoor list to No. 10 from No. 20 last year. Interesting, since this was the year that co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in October, stepped down from his longtime role as CEO. Could the absence of the inspiring but intense (and often abusive) Jobs from the office on a regular basis have reduced the stress level in Cupertino? Who knows, but this was Apple's highest ranking in the four years Glassdoor has been running the awards.

Other tech points of interest:

* National Instruments chief executive James Truchard and NetApp CEO Tom Georgens each received 100% approval ratings.

* eBay CEO John Donahoe saw the biggest boost in approval ratings this year, climbing to 65% from 30% a year ago.

* Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers' approval rating plunged to 57% from 85% in 2010, while Netflix CEO Reed Hastings dropped to 61% from 79% last year and AOL's Tim Armstrong fell to 55% this year from 71% a year ago. All three of those companies have had rough years, so those sharp declines are hardly a surprise. Employees tend to notice things like layoffs and disastrous strategy decisions.

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