Young people baffled by Android, fed up with iPhone says Nokia

According to Nokia director of product marketing Niels Munksgaard, young people are "pretty much fed up with iPhones" and frustrated by Android. Does this marketing ploy have a chance?

In an exclusive interview with British site, Munksgaard actually said that "youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone." This reminds one of the great Yogi Berra quote about a restaurant: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded." Yes, young people are fed up with iPhones because they and all their friends already have one, at least if you look at the smart phone market penetration of Apple versus Nokia.

Apparently mostly a ploy to plug the new Nokia Mix Radio that comes included with the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7, Munksgaard's interview also aggravated Android users, supposedly upset at Android's "lack of security." After all, Android smart phone market share is beating Apple in many areas. And Munksgaard's comments about looking at a shelf of phones in a store and seeing "the number of black nono-blocks" makes no sense when you look at a picture of a Nokia Lumia 800: a black mono-block.

That's crazy talk

This is, by far, the stupidest official company position I have ever read.

BSU2006 on

I wonder what "last gasp" is in Finnish.

TomMarinert15x on

Nokia has seen huge decline in sales having made the wrong decision and adopting windows mobile instead of the industry leader android.

yiannis on

This claiming exhaustion and confusion is marketing-speak for "We have no idea how to market this useless turd so we're telling you that you're stupid for wanting it." (Yeah, like THAT ever worked.)

deeeleee on

My advise....short Nokia

Ron_bogdanoff on

iPhone users

I think they are getting on to the hidden secret of iPhone, that it is not only a premium price for (certainly excellent) hardware but a nickel and dime outlet for (often crappy) apps, many of which are offered by monthly subscription.

Internet2k4 on

The three people I know that have a windows phone, hate it and regret getting it.

Steve_manta on

Maybe not so crazy

I’m young and I can tell you that I’m getting tired of the iPhone. I’ve had them all except the 4S and frankly, they are getting boring.

Elllliassss on

I guess it’s true. My 14 year old son has been asking me for a Galaxy S2 like mine. He’s says his iPhone 4 is old school now..

tonyisontwtr on

Did this article take your mind off the fact that Nokia has fallen far behind the market leaders in smart phones? Didn't think so.

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