Morning countdown: Cross-aisle SOPA opposition

Plus: Iran's new toy

  1. Report: Chinese hackers targeting Google, Intel [ITworld]
  2. Josh Fruhlinger: Meet the strange bedfellows who could stop SOPA [ITworld]
  3. Seattle hospital switches to virtual clients [ITworld]
  4. Chris Nerney: Facebook no longer the best place to work [ITworld]
  5. Microsoft Office 365 updated for better regulatory compliance [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: Iran plans to take captured drone for a spin [ITworld]
  7. New Chrome fixes flaws big and medium-sized [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Purdy: The Android Market after the 10-cent rush [ITworld]
  9. T-Mobile scores first U.S. Nokia Windows Phone [ITworld]
  10. Brian Proffitt: Open source is not a dumping ground [ITworld]
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