Google Mail wins UC Berkeley, loses LAPD

Credit: Source: Lisa Padilla/Flickr

Google Mail, fighting the fight for large scale cloud deployments of their email, calender, and other applications, won in Berkeley but lost in Los Angeles.

The two year fight with various Los Angeles city government agencies started with hyped press releases, but now at least the police department will not go Google and will stick with Novell's GroupWise, hosted onsite. Security issues, particularly the rules for the federal CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Security) standards, seem to be the hangup. Other Los Angeles city employees, about 17,000 of them, will move to Google. Whether cloud email of any kind is safe enough for CJIS remains a debate, with detractors saying the cloud is not yet safe, with fans say the selection criteria is slanted.

Speaking of a selection process, UC Berkeley announced they are migrating staff, administration, and students to Google Mail. Their comparison testing results between Google's Mail and Microsoft's Office 365 make for some interesting reading, sure to stir up more news in the future. So, as of now, Google Apps are batting .500 in the highly publicized deployment won/loss category.


Being familiar with the security requirements for such systems I would imagine LAPD's pulling out of using Google Apps has nothing to do with technical security but with people security.

Patrick on

In this situation the sensitivity of information transmitted/stored on LAPD’s (government) networks may be too high to be stored offsite. The security of that information can not and should not be trusted to an outside entity.

Raymond Usoro on

Glad to see Cal quitting MSFT. Perhaps they're looking for a donation from Schmidt (alum). Gates hasn't given to Berkeley afaik while he has to Stanford.

redwood on

google probably wouldnt play kick-back games with the LAPD

chris rogers on

At least they aren't doing what Indiana University did - use both and let the students decide which system they want to use. Now they can choose between Imail (Microsoft) or Umail (Gmail).

mbreese on

Love for the cloud

LAPD and its City Council do not have a deep understanding of data in the cloud.

Radford Castro on

Google apps is better for mail, and Microsoft is the cats ass when it comes to calendaring. If you are the secretary who must schedule 20 execs for a meeting the first Wednesday of every month, then there is nothing better than Outlook/Exchange.

jcampbell1 on

Love for GroupWise

As an experienced GroupWise administrator I'm glad to see some of the core strengths of the product come to bear. Many organizations take for granted the security inherent to GroupWise.

Lawrence Kearney on

I work on a variety of platforms and GroupWise is the most stable and secure, far less downtime and having encrypted databases make it more secure against attacks

Mmatthews_2000 on

Who do you trust more to be vigilant about security: major online players like Google and Microsoft, or your internal IT staff?

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