GoDaddy now anti-SOPA, gains customers during 'Dump GoDaddy Day'

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Credit: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

GoDaddy, a boycott target for their support of the Stop Online Privacy Act, came out strongly anti-SOPA, and gained business during the "Dump GoDaddy Day."

Early reports (this will play out for about a week) show that Dump GoDaddy Day was a bust as far as moving domains away from GoDaddy. But the negative attention and boycott preparations, including big companies announcing their displeasure with GoDaddy, forced GoDaddy to renounce their pro-SOPA stance, and strengthen the weak anti-SOPA statements made last week. Other companies have reconsidered their SOPA support as well, which is a victory for the anti-SOPA forces.

Flexing Internet protest muscles may become a habit., one of the first groups behind the Dump GoDaddy Day, now wants to directly target politicians who support SOPA and other scorched earth Internet regulations. While lobbyists may have the money, the people and companies powering the Web have direct links into the home of every voter. A Tumblr staff blog helped generate 87,834 calls to politicians in opposition to SOPA. Can angry voters make a bigger impact than lobbyists bringing contributions?


Gone Daddy. Would have been better to be honest and state that they flipped after their idea to be political flopped.

SmailBuzzby8xza on

I initiated my transfers yesterday along with everyone else. They have not yet gone through. You're going to need to watch DailyChanges for the next few days to see the real numbers.

Jeremy V on

If there's an unreasonable spike on Dec. 29 for new domains or ones transferred in, that means someone is playing with the numbers.

Spointman on

Go-Daddy is lying. This is a philisophical issue, not a popularity question. The company management either believes in SOPA or it doesn't, it can't simply now say it doesn't support it.

halofaller on

Still don't like GoDaddy

They still support PIPA, and helped write the damn things, this along with the rest of the reasons should be enough to make everyone leave. They need to be made an example, they weren't a good company to begin with so it's not a bad loss.

JonathanB on

This was a major black-eye for GoDaddy. This entire effort raised awareness significantly. Hell, SOPA even FINALLY hit the more mainstream news channels because of this effort...

Anonymous Coward on

Too late, GoDaddy. I already transferred my domain name, and I won't be coming back--ever. Eric.

EricGoldmanMV on

Next steps

Need a case study on "don't piss off your clients vs. Raw marketing prowess"? Or how to learn, as a business, when and how to stop digging holes ... let the thesis start.

TechnoMage on

When the People stick together, we have power. If we could just do this on other issues. . .

AnthonyQ1965 on

Will the "People" stick together? You know SOPA will rise again, like a Hollywood zombie, and be just as hard to kill.

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