Take screenshots in Fedora 16 KDE

How to take screen captures in Fedora 16 KDE

Here's how you can take screenshots in your Fedora 16 KDE desktop.

1. Click the Application Launcher Menu button on the panel.

2. Go to the Graphics menu.

3. Click on KSnapshot.

4. When KSnapshot loads you have these options to choose from in the drop down menu:

A. Full Screen

B. Window Under Cursor

C. Rectangular Region

D. Freehand Region

E. Section of Window

5. You can also choose to set a snapshot delay and choose to include or exclude the mouse pointer.

6. You can click the Save As button to save your screenshot in your preferred folder with whatever name you want.

7. If you want to take another screenshot, just click the Take a New Snapshot button.

Taking screenshots in Fedora 16 KDE is easy and fast.

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