'Incredibly lifelike' Steve Jobs Action Figure to replace Tim Cook as Apple CEO

Foot-tall replica of Apple co-founder vows to hit ground running

Credit: IDG News Service

Apple on Tuesday announced that an unauthorized foot-tall Steve Jobs Action Figure produced by a Chinese company and described by one media outlet as "incredibly lifelike" will replace Tim Cook as chief executive in February.

"Normally we would sue a company for using the name and image of Mr. Jobs without permission," said Cook. "But the Steve Jobs Action Figure is so incredibly lifelike that we believe it captures the very essence of Steve Jobs. And to capture the essence of such a brilliant, inspiring and historic figure for just $99.99 plus shipping and handling ... well, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Cook said he would return to his old job as chief operations officer, but would be available to fill in as interim CEO when Steve Jobs Action Figure is traveling or undergoing maintenance.

Steve Jobs Action Figure comes with a stool, a black turtleneck, rimless glasses and a handicapped parking spot.

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