Rupert Murdoch follows 4 people on Twitter: Are you one of them?

News Corp. chairman joins microblogging service, declares 'vacations great time for thinking'

Media mogul and Rupert Murdoch spent the better part of 2011 defending himself and his company, News Corp., against the British phone hacking scandal that led to firings, arrests and some dubious testimony before Parliament.

Perhaps stung by the media's portrayal of him during that difficult year, Murdoch is taking his case to the people! Or at least the Twitterverse.

The 80-year-old News Corp. chairman joined Twitter on New Year's Eve, blasting out seven tweets before you could say "Page Three Girl." Samples of Rupe's year-end wisdom and observations:

Steve Jobs biog interesting but unfair. Family must hate.

Great time in sea with young daughters, uboating.

Great oped inWSJ today on Ron Paul. Huge appeal of libertarian message.

Vacations great time for thinking. St Barth's too many people. Thoughts best kept private around here. Like London!

Saw Fox film Descendants. Thank God, one to be proud of. Star Geo Clooney deserves Oscar, maybe film too.

As the dawn broke on 2012, Rupe weighed in with some other thoughts:

Good to see santorum surging in Iowa. Regardless of policies, all debates showed principles, consistency and humility like no other.

Back to work tomorrow. Enough idling!

Enough idling indeed, unless you want to end up like those debt-ridden European nations that encourage laziness with their liberal social policies, or whatever one of Rupe's <>Wall Street Journal editorial writers would say.

In just two days, Murdoch already has nearly 54,000 Twitter followers. Amateur hour compared to Charlie Sheen, but impressive in contrast to your basic non-famous person.

What I always find interesting when a celebrity joins a social network isn't who follows him or her, but who he or she follows. And so far Rupe is being very selective -- just four followers!

Who has earned entry into Rupe's Twitter inner circle? The charmed four are:

Lord Sugar, a British entrepreneur and media personality (Lord Sugar is no slouch on Twitter, BTW; he's got 1.4 million followers!)

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and executive chairman

Mark Pincus, co-founder and CEO of social games company Zynga. Not sure why Rupe's following Pincus, who hasn't tweeted since October 7, no doubt because of the recent IPO. But I am certain this is the first blog post ever that mentions both Mark Pincus and Lord Sugar.

Plaid Larry Page, which isn't actually the Google CEO, but a fake account created by some professor at Virginia Tech as part of an ongoing class project. I'm guessing that Rupe doesn't know it's not the real Larry Page.

Which reminds me, Rupe: If you run across this guy on Twitter, he's not you. Don't be fooled.

OK, enough idling, already! Back to work, people!

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