Ride the Universal Studios Jaws ride virtually

Fake shark, fake ride

My best memory of the Jaws ride at Universal Studios Florida (or Universal Orlando as it's also known) is that I lost my cell phone on the ride in 2003, after it fell out of my khaki shorts pocket. Luckily the phone just fell into one of the boats and not the water, and I was also fortunate that a kind stranger (or Universal employee) found the phone and returned it to Lost and Found.

Now that you've read that terribly dull anecdote, here's the point of this post - the ride closed down yesterday, and at some point a new attraction will take its place. Such is the case with modern-day amusement parks, which constantly need to update attractions and rides to make visitors come back again and again.

Fortunately, there's YouTube for the people who never got to ride the Jaws ride - here's an almost-9-minute video showcasing the Amity area and a virtual ride through the boat trip (watch out for sharks!)

I also got stuck on the King Kong ride in 1990, but that's another story.

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