Morning countdown: A glamorous social media job can be yours

Plus: Don't pick up the FON!

  1. Insync offers a rival to Dropbox [ITworld]
  2. Kevin Fogarty: FON offers Brits egalitarian, convenient, insecure Wi-Fi [ITworld]
  3. New year's resolution: Get rid of old hardware responsibly [ITworld]
  4. Chris Nerney: RIM's rot starts at the board [ITworld]
  5. Google caught using Web marketing techniques that get you banned from Google search [ITworld]
  6. Keith Shaw: Web video at the end of the world [ITworld]
  7. Nokia gives up on solar-powered phones [ITworld]
  8. Brian Proffitt: Red Hat goes on a hiring spree [ITworld]
  9. Scareware scammers now targeting smartphones [ITworld]
  10. Eric Bloom: How to get a social media job within IT [ITworld]
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