Microsoft Flight will let you fly (badly) for free

Flight simulator gets a fresh coat of paint for PC pilots

I never got into the Microsoft Flight Simulator series of games, which debuted almost 30 years ago (November 1982), and has been upgraded several times since. The realistic nature of the flight game usually required players to learn a lot more about flight processes than I was willing to muster - for me it was move up to go up, move down to go down. When I did play the game, I usually crashed my huge jet on the outskirts of Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

But lots of other people were better than me, hence its long and storied life as a software franchise. The latest installment is Microsoft Flight, which hopefully will be released later this year (no official release date has been given).

However, the company has released an official game trailer, showing off a lot of its in-game graphics and the ability to fly over the Big Island of Hawaii and a bunch of different aircraft types. The company also announced it would be free-to-play on the PC, which may cause players to drop their iPads and Xbox controllers for a bit to go back to some good old-fashioned PC gaming. Check out the trailer:

Microsoft said that CES attendees next week will get to play the game, so I may just wander over to their booth to see if I can land my plane safely at Kona Airport.

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