Morning countdown: SOPA sponsor doesn't care what you think

Plus; Smarter Wi-Fi needed!

  1. Kevin Purdy: Future phones need smarter Wi-Fi [ITworld]
  2. Canonical wants in on smart TV biz [ITworld]
  3. Passwords aren't dead, though maybe yours should be [ITworld]
  4. Is it time to split your data center in two? [ITworld]
  5. Michael Dell: Smartphones, tablets no threat to our business [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: 'Data hogs': The monsters mobile carriers created [ITworld]
  7. SOPA sponsor doesn't care what you think [ITworld]
  8. Intel: Future ultrabooks will be cheaper, have touchscreens and voice recognition [ITworld]
  9. Sprint unveils triband hotspot [ITworld]
  10. Brian Proffitt: New bill offers SOPA alternative [ITworld]
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