Morning countdown: Too much DRAM

Plus: How to stalk friends and influence people

  1. Too much supply, not enough demand in DRAM market [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: Barnes & Noble considers spinning off the Nook [ITworld]
  3. Swedish government recognizes file-sharing as a religion [ITworld]
  4. Kevin Purdy: Microsoft, Nokia to spend big to market WP7 [ITworld]
  5. AJAX now a malware attack vector [ITworld]
  6. Peter Smith: DVR those XBox memories for later [ITworld]
  7. Vint Cerf says Internet access is not a human right [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Fogarty: Facebook exploit shows cloud vulnerability [ITworld]
  9. Ray Ozzie has a stealthy new startup [ITworld]
  10. Dan Tynan: Internet stalking made easy [ITworld]
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