SOPA-type Web blocks starting in Finland

A Finnish court ordered local ISP Elisa to stop all users from reaching The Pirate Bay. The block, and outrage, started today.

Based on a lawsuit won by the Copyright and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) in October, ISP Elisa was ordered to block access to a range of websites and IP addresses affiliated with The Pirate Bay. This becomes an international lawsuit, since The Pirate Bay is located in Sweden, not Finland. At least one mistake is including a domain name now used by the Electronic Frontier Finland foundation.

Condemnation commenced immediately, and many sites offered directions on how to bypass the court-ordered website blocks. Some worry about Finland's image as a progressive, advanced country. Some worry about the backlash from hacking and pirate organizations. Some worry the publicity will send even more users to The Pirate Bay.

Stupid court

This process is not blocking stealing. This process is preventing file sharing in general. Legitimate or not.

Mathieu on

And this is the exact reason why I NEVER want a judge to handle copyright

Jay on

I'm all for protecting IP and copyright (and thus in favor of not supporting piracy), but this isn't the way to go about it.

Antti Vilpponen on

Won't stop pirating

I'm an estonian, and yeah we like to "pirate" alot, and it's quite strong in the culture. You never hear anyone going, hey I purchased this game yesterday.

PlatinumC on

I see pirating as nothing more than a "try before you buy". Of course there are exceptions but many will jack an early version of something then buy the next release.

hearme0 on

And any web proxy will get you past this block... How effective :p

OneMember on

Still laughing

think it will cause a holy war of Kopimism between Sweden and Finland? :O

Kannz on

That does it! I am boycotting SOAP! I will never wash myself again! Down with police state! Down with censorship!

goofytime on

Screw that, I'm boycotting soup!

Dani A on

Will the American groups fighting to implement SOPA watch and learn from the Fins? Probably not.

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