Apple's iPhone 4S Siri goes mum for hours

Credit: Source: Al Pavangkanan/Flickr

Siri, the honey-voiced AI interface on the Apple iPhone 4S, took a break on November 3 for a few hours. Reports started coming in around 11:00 AM Pacific Time, and lasted for five or more hours around the country.

True to "her" whimsical nature, when Siri returned and was asked where she was, the answer list included a number of day spas. That's fair. Siri has been overworked, evidently harder than Apple expected, which caused the servers supporting her answers to crash (conjecture, since Apple hasn't released an official response to questions about the outage).

Since Siri lives not in the iPhone 4S but on Apple servers, the system won't work if either the link or the back end servers are malfunctioning. In an unusual move for them, Apple has listed Siri as a beta product. However, the true meaning of beta may be lost now that Google continues to put a beta tag on products on the market for months and even years. Maybe now that Siri is back the answer will be provided.

Not worth mentioning

I asked Siri a question and she said "My mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it." That's a great easter egg! I guess it only works if the server is down?

aguatiger on

So when Siri is down people start to speak in slooowwww motion?

Broad Castic on

I say bring on the complaints! Maybe then I will get a chance to upgrade to one of these "flawed" phones. No one in the DC metro area has one in stock.

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot on

What's new? All servers will be outage once in a while. Big deal!. Have we just had Blackberry outage or Sony PlayStation? My company network was outage once in a what?

Jimmy Truong on

Do we really need updates when online services are down? Can you guys do this every single time Twitter goes down?

Jason Tate on

Silly Apple

Well Siri is in beta ... or is everyone choosing to ignore that fact?

bloominoctober on

Folks, there's your proof positive that Apple's marketing stinks.. Anywho, Siri is a system-integrated, interactive, AI-based voice interface for iOS, currently in beta on the iPhone 4S. You can find more information at Apple’s site at /iphone/features/siri.html

Dan Anderson on

So everyones iPhone 4s is now downgraded to an iPhone 4 with a Better Camera...

Bryce Carr on

Slaps at Siri

Oh the perils of beta software. Glad Apple kept the beta tag on Siri. Definitely a work in progress.

Yoeun Pen on

Huh, I didn't notice. I dictated at least twenty emails and texts today and it worked perfectly as usual... Maybe I was holding mine right. Oh nevermind - I see why its working for me. I'm using a two year old Android with Froyo.

Ligiea on

Why must Siri always be connected to "the network" in order to function? I'm sure there's good reason for some tasks, but why can't she/it work offline for simple requests like "set alarm"?

Pike Barkerding on

Remember: a month ago nobody new what Siri was. Now, the service stops for a few hours, and it's news. Weird.

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