Now that the Steve Jobs book has 'become its own celebrity'...

If what the Wall Street Journal says is true, we already know how this will end

The Wall Street Journal has posted a fascinating article whose premise is that "Apple fans are treating the new Steve Jobs biography as its own kind of celebrity."

Basically this means that some Apple fanatics are fetishizing Walter Isaacson's biography of the mercurial Jobs, which was rush-released shortly after Jobs died in early October after a long struggle with cancer. They tweet pictures of themselves with the book's cover (featuring an intense head shot of Jobs), post sections of it on Facebook and upload videos of themselves and the book on YouTube. (If anyone hasn't yet thought of reading the entire Jobs biography on YouTube, all I ask for is a credit at the end.)

But by creating a "celebrity" out of the Steve Jobs biography, the fanboys have unwittingly set in motion an all-too-predictable chain of events that almost always ends badly.

However long it takes for this this sad and familiar career arc to play out, prepare for these headlines of the future:

Steve Jobs biography to play self in biopic of Steve Jobs biography

Steve Jobs biography to host Academy Awards

Steve Jobs biography, Lindsay Lohan arrested in posh club clash

Nude photos of Steve Jobs biography surface on web

Steve Jobs biography enters rehab

Steve Jobs biography joins cast of "Jersey Shore"

Steve Jobs biography caught in cab with transvestite hooker

Steve Jobs biography re-enters rehab

Steve Jobs biography added to next Celebrity Boxing Card; will fight The Iliad.
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