Cloud security: Mission impossible

But steady progress is being made to address security concerns of enterprise IT

The term "cloud" connotes things floating around freely - which is not something you necessarily want your data doing. That is the common perception of cloud computing today, leaving many leery about trusting that their business-critical information is safe despite no clear security in place.

The hesitation over security in the public cloud centers on several factors that are just starting to be addressed:

• Concerns about securing the communications channels within multi-tenant virtual networks.

• Uncertainty about how the exploding number of heterogeneous mobile devices will be securely supported in the cloud.

• An inconsistent path for extending the current identity and access control mechanisms used in the enterprise up into the cloud.

• Questions on how trusted encryption and tokenization models need to change to adequately protect sensitive data stored in the public cloud.

In a new PDF, Network World provides tips for securing your data in the cloud, such as making sure your provider has VM-specific security or find ways to lock down endpoints. Experts also explain threats to cloud security, such as application-layer denial-of-service attacks and downtime due to a cloud outage.

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This story, "Cloud security: Mission impossible" was originally published by Network World.

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