Consumer Reports latest smartphone ratings would infuriate Steve Jobs

iPhone 4S gets recommendation, but ranks below several Android-powered devices

If Steve Jobs were alive today, I can only imagine how he'd react to Consumer Reports' review of the latest smartphones.

No doubt he'd be pleased to see that "Consumer Reports recommends the iPhone 4S." You'd think that'd be a no-brainer -- seriously we're talking about the legendary iPhone here -- but CR failed to recommend the iPhone 4 because of the antenna problem.

Remember the reception issue involving the "death grip"? Jobs and Apple, of course, initially denied the iPhone 4 had antenna-related reception issues. But plenty of iPhone 4 owners, never mind the folks at Consumer Reports, begged to differ. The Reality Distortion Field is not all powerful!

But that problem the iPhone 4 never had went away with the iPhone 4S because Apple added a second antenna it didn't need to fix the problem that didn't exist. So now it's back in the good graces of Consumer Reports, which noted that the new device "doesn’t suffer the reception problem we found in its predecessor."

Indeed, CR's Mike Gikas wrote in a blog post that the iPhone 4S has many attractive new features, including "an upgraded camera, a faster 'dual-core' processor, and the addition of the intriguing Siri voice-activated feature."

But then, this!

"These pluses were not enough, however, to allow the iPhone 4S to outscore the best new Android-based phones in our Ratings."

Thermonuclear war!

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