Microsoft to turn off Silverlight?

HTML5 struck again. After Adobe announced the killing of Flash plug-ins for mobile use, Microsoft seems to be wavering about Silverlight as well in favor of HTML5. Could plug-ins be passe?

Sure, Microsoft has said they expect great things from HTML5 for games and apps. But HTML5 seems a little young for Silverlight to be dumped. Silverlight status should be clarified at the next Microsoft development conference next spring. But since there was little talk about it at the last development conference, Silverlight may be gone by then.

Microsoft executive Bob Muglia, President over the server and tools business, says Silverlight remains the Windows Phone development platform of choice. But, in executive speak for on life support, Muglia said their "strategy has shifted." Why do you need Silverlight for your cross-platform development and deployment solution, when you have HTML5? Even Microsoft now admits HTML5 is the one true cross-platform solution.

Doesn't look good

Seriously. Is anybody even going to miss Silverlight?

tvcity6455 on

I don’t know how Silverlight works, but every single Silverlight video player I’ve tried was…slow, to say the least.

Brink on

Microsoft's IE9 product lead, said - without even saying that it was confidential or not to repeat - 'Silverlight is dead, I give it six months tops' at OnGameStart a couple of months ago. I believe him.

nailer on

Microsoft's shift in focus makes perfect sense. Microsoft embarked on proprietary solutions when they were the market leader. They were trying to lock in a customer base. Today, the exact opposite is true in the mobile market.

techconc on

When Microsoft announced that Windows 8 metro mode (which may well be the only mode available for low power Win8 tablets) would not support Silverlight, I think the game was well and truly up.

d4nt on

Good riddance

Good riddance. If the more versatile Flash is deemed obsolete, Silverlight should definitely go.

kernelplanicpopcorn on

Good riddance. And once again, all the companies that decided to rely on a proprietary, non standard technology are going to get bitten.

joelthelion on

Not dead yet

don't forget that much of Silverlight is based on WPF which, if you attend developer workshops for Windows 7 development, is seen as a preferred platform for client development.

Spc1972 on

I don’t think HTML 5 has any DRM capabilities, so Netflix will probably be keeping Silverlight (which has better DRM than Flash).

Mead42 on

The reports of Silverlight's death have been greatly exaggerated

anthony_franco on

Uh oh. Would you want your future tied to Windows Phone? Sayonara, Silverlight.

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