Which tech topics rule on reddit?

Tech-savvy readers of popular social news website have clear preferences, one of which is not AOL

Most Internet users with an interest in technology and social media are familiar with social news site reddit, which has become increasingly popular in the past year following Digg's self-inflicted redesign wounds.

For those only casually familiar, visitors to reddit can read, vote and comment on articles in hundreds of different categories. Readers also can subscribe to these categories, or "subreddits," in order to choose which reddits (or linked headlines) appear on their front page.

The subreddit with the most subscribers appears to be "Funny," with 1,062,087 readers, followed by "pics" at 1,049,976. (I say "appears" because I couldn't find a definitive ranked list. If a redditor can point me in the direction of one, I'd appreciate it.)

Other top subreddits: "Worldnews," 915,169 readers; "Gaming," 846,104 readers, "Politics," 843,768 readers and "WTF," with 689,861 readers.

Slightly below those, but still one of the most popular subreddits, is "Technology" with 414,086 readers.

But what happens when we get specific? Which tech-related subreddits draw the most subscribers. I poked around a bit and came up with the list below. Let me be clear: This is not a "definitive" list. It's me typing in the names below at the end of the reddit URL "reddit.com/r". So if you type "reddit.com/r/apple/", your browser takes you to the Apple subreddit, where you can see the number of subscribers on the right.

For your convenience, I've organized this representative list into relevant categories for comparison purposes:

Tech companies

Apple – 66,549

Google – 16,537

Microsoft – 5,471

Netflix – 3,952

Facebook – 1,118

Yahoo -- 234

Nokia – 166

Mobile tech

Android – 79,510

iPhone – 27,946

iPad – 7,223

WP7 – 1,148

BlackBerry – 937

Tablets – 497

PlayBook – 97

For hardcore geeks

Linux – 61,440

Opensource -- 16,365

Windows – 6,896

Java – 6,204

HTML5 – 1,415

Flash – 680

Just sad

Myspace – 6

Groupon -- 2

AOL -- 1

To me the biggest surprise is the relatively low number of subscribers to the Facebook subreddit, particularly in light of the social networking giant's frequent privacy transgressions. That kind of thing tends to spark a lot of interest and discussion among redditors.

If any readers find other interesting or noteworthy tech subreddits, let me know in the comments section below.

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