Viral video week in review (Nov. 5 - 11)

Robots robots and more robots dominated the tech video week

Looking back at some of the more entertaining videos in the world of sciene, tech and "geekery" this week, I noticed a lot of robots. Will they help humanity or destroy us like in the Terminator? Who knows, but the videos were fun to watch this week:

We start off with a robot that tests clothing for the military, but one that can walk on its own and not stumble, and do push-ups as well:

Like the movie "Avatar", in this case the human is in a virtual world while the robot does all of the movement and work. They're calling these robots "telexistence" robots, and are fun to watch:

Later in the week, the robot video landscape exploded with tons of videos of Honda's latest ASIMO robot, which has been improved so much that it can probably now beat me in a race:

We ended the week of robot fun with this one, in which a robot rides a bicycle without losing its balance.

Other non-robot videos that we enjoyed last week included:

* A cool cartoon explaining how GPS works.

* A bunch of videos that celebrated the arrival of 11-11-11. Hopefully the world survived in time for you to read this post.

* A funny mash-up of Star Wars and Cheers.

Happy weekend everyone!

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