Test your geek IQ

20 questions to test your mettle where it really counts

We're back again for our annual survey of your certifiable geek cred, so dust off your pocket protector, suck face with your closest Ewok doll, and dig into your Bag of Holding to bring forth the answers to our nerdiest set of 20 questions yet. Answer enough correctly, and you may don the geek sherpa guru label, to guide the unwashed to geek heaven. Answer too many wrong, and find your inner geek flatlining.

Give yourself 5 points for every right answer.

1. Who came up with the term "big-bang theory?"

- Georges Lemaitreb

- Fred Hoylec

- Albert Einsteind

- Chuck Lorre 2. Who developed ARCNET and in what year?

- John McCain, 1936

- John Backus, 1975

- John Murphy, 1976

- John Morrison, 1985 3. What's the default IPsec server for the Debian Linux distro?

- Pringles

- MyIpsecServer

- Rodent

- Racoon 4. Which Android OS is the Kindle Fire slated to run?

- "Gingerbread"

- "Ice Cream Sandwich"

- "Cupcake"

- "Donut" 5. Who was the last-minute pilot replacement on Apollo 13?

- Ken Mattingly

- Jim Lovell

- John Swigert

- Don Mattingly 6. What's the primary function of the Domain Controller in a Windows Server 2008 network?

- Validate users to the network and provide the AD object catalog of Active Directory

- Validate users to the network and provide branch DC synchronization

- Validate users to the network and provide AD sync with Exchange 2007

- Validate users to the network and provide AD forest ranger services 7. Which one of these is not an acronym associated with cloud computing?

- PaaS

- SaaS

- IaaS

- GraaS 8. In the TV series "Heroes," Hiro flashes forward to a catastrophic explosion in New York on what date?

- January 14, 1966

- October 31, 2005

- February 14, 2007

- November 8, 2006 9. What does "CIDR" stand for, and what is another name for it?

- "CIDR" stands for "Classless Inter-Domain Routing" and is sometimes known as "supernetting."

- "CIDR" stands for "Class-based Internet Daemon Routing" and is sometimes known as "subroute networking."

- "CIDR" stands for "Completely Illegal Digital Recordings" and is sometimes known as "royally pissing off Sony execs."

- "CIDR" stands for "Competence In Department heads is Rare" and is sometimes known as "take this job and shove it." 10. Which company originally sold Dungeons & Dragons, and which company sells it now?

- Hasbro, Sony Entertainment

- TSR, Wizards of the Coast

- Parker Brothers, TSR

- TSR, Parker Brothers 11. What was the code name for Intel's first Core i5 chip, a 45nm quad-core processor released in September 2009?

- Lynnfield

- Clarksdale

- Scottsdale

- Arrandale 12. What was the first code name for Apple's OS X?

- Lynx

- Cougar

- Cheetah

- Puddy Tat 13. Associated with DNS, what is the main purpose of SRV records?

- SRV records provide IP routing services.

- SRV provides service, record, and virtualized network information to DNS requests.

- SRV records are used in locating hosts that provide certain network services.

- The ability to forget about friggin' DNS and take a Seriously Recreational Vacation. 14. What's Emoji?

- Windows 7's Japanese font

- RIM's last gasp in portable computing

- Ichiro Suzuki's dog

- Japanese emoticons 15. Related to quantum mechanics, what is the term for the observation that some physical quantities can be changed only by discrete amounts, or quanta?

- Multiples of Planck's constant

- Divisibles of Planck's constant

- Integers of Planck's constant

- Sex lives of Sheldon Cooper and Leslie Winkle 16. Jscript is ...

- Another term for JavaScript

- Junior BASH scripting

- Microsoft's name for its JavaScript-like scripting language

- J.Lo's handwriting 17. What’s the worst thing you can hear your IT consultant say while he’s working on one of your servers?

- "There's a hitch with Patch Tuesday. I'll need to remediate."

- "Hmm ... interesting."

- "RAM failure -- looks like the motherboard is going."

- "Can I use your bathroom? I had dodgy Mexican food for lunch, and I think there's an epic evacuation coming." 18. When Kelsey Grammer appeared on "Star Trek NG," what was his character's name and which ship did he captain?

- Captain William Larkin, USS Andromeda

- Captain Morgan Bateson, USS Bozeman

- Captain Jonathan Archer, USS Enterprise 1

- Captain Han Solo, USS Millennium Falcon 19. Banyan VINES was a ____ and the acronym stood for _____

- Directory Service, Validated Information for Network Extensible Services

- Secure DNS server, Virtual Internet Name and Encryption Service

- Star Wars STD medication, Venereal Immunization for Nobody but the Emperor's Sex life

- Network operating system, Virtual Integrated Network Services 20. Who is most often referred to as the "father of science fiction"?

- Jules Verne

- Isaac Asimov

- Gene Roddenberry

- Glenn Beck

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